Helena M. Franklin

Medilodge of Kalamazoo is a great place with a lot of support and kindness for people in our situation with some physical disabilities.
We feel confident, loved, and uplifted by the people who work here. The medical staff, the doctors, and the PT department provided the care and treatment we need to get home. I want to commend the staff who have helped get me back to my life. This is a very sincere organization that wants to help us with motivation which is the key to returning home.
So come to this facility which has great food (which is important) along with the medicine we need to recover.
Don’t forget the NURSING STAFF! They are great; you can feel the love from them!! They have done a great job. They have a tough job sometimes but I will always be grateful for the care I received at Medilodge of Kalamazoo.
When I first came here, I felt that God had led me here as the best place for my care. This place was highly recommended to me by my pastor and his wife. I am so grateful God placed me here.
Carlos, the DON, has been a good friend and I know he is the right one for the job. He is a good man-he is always smiling!

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